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C&EN Talks With Perkin Medalist John Warner

The green chemistry pioneer talks about social movements, education, and how he tries to shake up the process of invention. Flanked by “Star Trek” mugs and a mauve tie, the 2014 SCI Perkin Medal sits in a place of honor in John C. Warner’s office. Warner, president and chief technology officer at the Warner Babcock […]

Perkin Medal Awarded for the First Time for Green Chemistry

Dr. John Warner receives highest honor in applied chemistry   Philadelphia, PA, September 17, 2014 – For the first time in its 108 year history, the Perkin Medal – given for “applied chemical work resulting in outstanding commercial development” – has been awarded for efforts in green chemistry. The award, widely acknowledged as America’s highest honor […]

Dr. John C. Warner to Receive the 2014 Perkin Medal

SCI Perkin Medal The Chemical Heritage Foundation and SCI are pleased to award the 2014 Perkin Medal to John Warner, president and chief technology officer of the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry. This honor recognizes his outstanding work in applied chemistry and acknowledges his industry leadership. John Warner is widely acknowledged as one of […]

Green Chemistry co-founder wins Perkin Medal Dr. John Warner

Wilmington native, founder of Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry WILMINGTON – Dr. John C. Warner, a Wilmington resident, has been awarded the 2014 Perkin Medal by the Society of Chemical Industry, the highest honor in American applied chemistry. Joining a list of the greatest scientists and inventors in United State history who have received […]

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We are a uniquely talented and focused team of "green chemistry" professionals whose primary purpose is to work pro-actively with a select group of commercial clients to help them improve composition and profitability of their products and production processes in line with "the 12 principles of green chemistry".

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