A Historical Perspective

Green Chemistry Today: World-Wide Initiatives In Government & Academia

Individuals and organizations are consistently becoming more aware of the growing need for more sustainable product and processes, Green Chemistry has emerged as a definitive answer to that need. As a result, Green Chemistry is becoming a focus for governments as well as academic institutions around the world.

Countries throughout the world are engaging and adopting Green Chemistry as a sustainable and economical development. The year 2000 marked the founding of the Green Chemistry Institute of Spain; the Green and Sustainable Chemistry Network in Japan; and the Centre of Green Chemistry at Monash University in Australia. In early 2009, PARTEQ Innovations founded GreenCentre Canada, North America's first all-inclusive commercialization center for Green Chemistry research innovations. It was founded with the mission of developing and commercializing early-stage Green Chemistry discoveries generated by academic researchers and industry.

An integral component to the growth of Green Chemistry is the proliferation of Green Chemistry education and research. To this end, several universities around the world have created specific departments focused on teaching, studying, and expanding Green Chemistry.

Since 1997, the University of Oregon has been developing undergraduate chemistry curricula that incorporates the principles and practices of Green Chemistry into both laboratory and lecture classes. Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, has established the Institute for Green Science, a center focused on research, education and development. Since the fall of 2001, the University of Massachusetts has offered a Green Chemistry Track in the Chemistry Ph.D. program; it was the first such program in the world. In England, the University of York houses the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence, supporting Green Chemistry research, industrial collaboration, and development of educational materials, including Masters course in Green Chemistry and Sustainable Industrial Technology. The University of California at Berkeley, which has the US's #1 ranked chemistry program, has founded the The Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry, which aims to advance green chemistry principles and practice through interdisciplinary research, education, and novel collaborations among investigators working at the intersection of chemistry, toxicology, environmental health, business, law, and public policy.

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