Collaborative Research Model

The Warner Babcock Institute establishes long-term, exclusive relationships with leaders in various industry sectors. We solve technical challenges associated with transforming processes, products, and technologies from the molecular level; we also conduct our own cutting-edge research to develop intellectual property for collaborative development with our industry partners.

We use our clients' deep understanding of their organization to inform our approaches; we do not attempt to recreate their existing internal capabilities. We design chemical systems with specific intermolecular interactions, using the twelve principles of Green Chemistry as our foundation. Through active collaboration, we provide new ideas at the molecular level; the expertise of our partnering organization keeps us within appropriate manufacturable boundaries. Our goal is to identify novel molecular interactions that ultimately lead to the creation of intellectual property opportunities for our client.

Our partners work with us because we redefine questions and generate unprecedented answers: we bring innovation to every stage of the transformation to sustainability. Our work is not incremental or linear: we create adaptive systems that integrate the needs of society and the goals of our clients, generating products and processes that are functionally superior, cost effective, and environmentally benign.