Matthew Hesketh


Matthew Hesketh joined WBI in November 2013 with over 20 years of laboratory experience in material chemistry and pharmaceuticals. For the past 13 years he focused on the development of surface treatments, testing and safe handling methods for graphenes, and synthesizing small molecule treatments for the surface treatment of carbon. Matthew also helped develop small molecule and polymer treatment of carbon black and other pigments for use in inkjet printing. Matthew graduated from Gordon College with B.Sc. in Chemistry and minor in Mathematics.

Why Green Chemistry?

I believe that as the caretakers for our planet that we have the responsibility to not create things that are harmful to either ourselves or the Earth.

Outside of the laboratory…

Hiking in the White Mountains with my kids, photography, both terrestrial and astrophotography, martial arts, and singing in the Interfaith Choir in Derry, NH.


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