Technical Leadership

Sofia Trakhtenberg

Senior Research Fellow

Dr. Sofia Trakhtenberg was a postdoc at the Center for Green Chemistry at UMass Lowell when she left to bring her talents to the newly created WBI in 2007. Sofia has been working with John Warner for over 10 years and her research has been focused on characterization of surface properties and applications of environmentally benign photoresist polymers and organic-coated titanium dioxide nanoparticle arrays. Sofia got her B.Sci. in Chemistry from Moscow State University, Russia, and her M.Sci and Ph.D. in Chemistry and Chemical Physisics respectively from Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel. Sofia is also has tri-citizenship and fluent in three languages.

Why Green Chemistry?

Green Chemistry appeals to me because of its positive approach. It solves the fundamental dilemma arising from the facts that technological progress typically results in the deterioration of the environment, and that the technological progress cannot be reversed. The concept that Green Chemistry will eventually allow the humanity to enjoy the benefits of technological progress in an environmentally responsible and economically viable manner is extremely attractive to me.

Outside of the laboratory….

I love to exercise both my brain (by playing chess, composing haiku, and reading voraciously) and my body (by biking, swimming, and hiking). I also love to travel both internationally (I’ve been to more than a dozen foreign countries on three different continents, and speak three languages) and locally. My idea of a fun weekend is to get in a car, and drive somewhere I’ve never been before.

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