Technical Leadership

Srinivasa Cheruku

Senior Research Fellow


Dr. Srinivasa Rao Cheruku joined the Warner Babcock Institute in 2009, bringing over 15 years successful scientific and project leadership experience in chemical and pharmaceutical research. Dr. Cheruku’s areas of specialization include organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry encompassing design and synthesis of small molecule-based NCEs for anticancer, anti-infective, and CNS disorders. Prior to joining WBI, Dr. Cheruku held senior scientific positions at GlaxoSmithKline, Epix Pharmaceuticals and the Indian Institute of chemical Technology (IIcT). As one of the founding scientists of Predix Pharmaceuticals (later bought by Epix Pharmaceuticals), he led 3 CNS drug discovery programs as chemistry project leader, and collaborated with GSK and Amgen scientific teams. Dr. Cheruku holds a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Northeastern Hill University, Shillong and completed medicinal chemistry postdoctoral work at several international research centers. He is also a co-inventor of 21 patents/patent applications and co-authored 25 research articles published in peer-reviewed journals.

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