Peter Kariuki

Senior Scientist


Dr. Peter Kariuki joined WBI in December 2011 and has used his inorganic and material science experience on a number of WBI projects including synthesis, characterization of inorganic metal dyes, and conducting polymers and semiconductor metal oxides in development of the next generation of hybrid solar cells to be transferred to large scale manufacturing. He’s also worked on obtaining current–voltage molecular diode characteristics of a solar cell using Polarized Antenna Nano Diode Array technology through iodine-doping stretched-oriented polyvinyl alcohol thin films to form single molecular diode.
Dr. Karikui recevied his B.Sci. from Kenyatta University in Kenya and his Ph.D. in Inorganic and Material Chemistry from Binghamton University, NY.

Why Green Chemistry:

The area of green chemistry at the institute, gives me an opportunity to have a direct impact on changing or improving  products that we encounter in our daily life, be it the area of personal care & cosmetics, energy material, pharmaceutical  and Industrial Products. It gives me the fulfillment that I am having a real change on improving the existing products in ways that are more environmentally friendly and benign.

Outside of the laboratory:

I love reading, travelling and an avid sports follower especially my favorite soccer team Bayern Munich.


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