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Jim Babcock

Founder, and Board of Directors Chairman

Jim Babcock, Chairman, Board of Directors of Warner Babcock Institute

Jim Babcock founded what is now Cthulhu Ventures in 2007, and during this same year, he collaborated withJohn Warner to found the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry. Prior to this,he was a co-founder (in 1977), CEO, and, ultimately, Chairman of Babcock & Brown Limited, a global investment-banking and funds-management firm that was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) in 2004

Prior to founding Babcock & Brown, Jim practiced corporate and tax law, having graduated magna cum laude from Harvard College and Harvard Law School (where he was a member and officer of the Harvard Law Review), and serving for a year as a law clerk to Judge James R. Browning on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Jim serves on the boards of a number of the companies in which Cthulhu Ventures has invested, including, inter alia, the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry, Collaborative Medicinal Development, Collaborative Aggregates, and Advantage for Analysts.

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John Warner


John Warner

John Warner received his BS in Chemistry from UMASS Boston, and his PhD in Chemistry from Princeton University. After working at the Polaroid Corporation for nearly a decade, he served as a tenured full professor at UMASS Boston and Lowell (Chemistry and Plastics Engineering). In 2007, he founded the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry with Jim Babcock.

While at the Polaroid Corporation, Warner coauthored the defining text for the field of Green Chemistry with Paul Anastas and codified the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry. He is the editor of the journal “Green Chemistry Letters and Reviews”. Warner is on the advisory panel for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy has been elected a full member of the Club of Rome. He has served as sustainability advisor for several multinational companies. His research and publications in synthetic organic chemistry, noncovalent derivatization, polymer photochemistry, and low temperature metal oxide semiconductors has provided the foundation for his theories of what he calls “entropic control in materials design”.

John has received awards as an academic (PAESMEM – President G. W. Bush & NSF, 2004), industrial chemist (Perkin Medal – Society of Chemical Industry, 2014), inventor (Lemelson Ambassadorship – Lemelson Foundation & AAAS) and for governmental chemicals policy (Reinventing Government National Performance Review – Vice President A. Gore & EPA, 1997). In 2011 he was elected a Fellow of the American Chemical Society and named one of “25 Visionaries Changing the World” by Utne Reader. He serves as Distinguished Professor of Green Chemistry at Monash University in Australia, and as Bath Global Chair at the Bath (UK) University Centre for Sustainable and Circular Technologies.

Perkin Medal
John Warner – 2014 Perkin Medalist