Energy, Natural Resources and Environment

industry_01Our work in this industry sector encompasses solar energy, renewable materials, and clean water. We explore novel photon to chemical energy mechanisms for generation and storage applications; we develop alternative fuels from renewable feedstocks and intermediates. Diverse approaches to the sustainable purification and reclamation of water that recognize the practical limitations of geography and economics are being explored.

Industrial Chemicals and Materials

industry_02Industrial and consumer product design begins with the building blocks of chemicals and materials. In response to legislation, rising feedstock prices, and other drivers, industries are looking for sustainable alternatives to chemicals and materials currently in use. We develop both “drop in” renewable replacements and fundamentally new materials for a variety of different industries including agrochemicals, textiles, packaging, printing, construction and related industries.

Industrial Products

industry_03We develop fundamentally new materials and application mechanisms that avoid VOCs and remove or replace other hazardous materials in a wide variety of industrial products, such as building and construction materials. We have deep expertise in coating, printing, and imaging technologies that extends across a wide variety of high value applications. We develop novel photoresist materials and surface cleaning technologies that meet new and future environmental regulations for the electronics and semiconductor industries.

Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

industry_04The practice of Green Chemistry within pharmaceutical sciences can quickly create both resource and cost savings. We develop new, more efficient synthetic methods for active pharmaceutical ingredients as well as novel delivery technologies to improve bioavailability and efficacy.


Personal Care & Cosmetics

industry_05Cosmetics and personal care products are an important part of our lives. At the Institute, we develop fundamentally new materials and application mechanisms that avoid VOCs and other potentially harmful materials for hair, skin and nail products. We have also developed strategies to create large resource and cost savings in both the development and the manufacturing of cosmetics and personal care products.


Retail, Consumer, Supply Chain

industry_06We assess the sustainability of the materials and processes that create everyday products. We trace component materials through the supply chain, from their origin as raw materials in the earth to their production, distribution, and disposal. We assess of the impact of current and future legislation/ regulation on products entering and existing in the marketplace.