Rich Kearney

Research Fellow

Dr. Rich Kearney joined WBI in early 2012 as an experienced polymer chemist with expertise in polymer coatings, imaging systems utilizing polymers, and analysis of polymers and polymer-containing materials and products. Rich started his career at Polaroid Corporation in the R&D and the graphics imaging division working on polarizer research and the development of formulas for a digital printing plate system. From there he worked at Presstek for 15 years focusing much of his research on coatings technology. Rich got his B.Sci. from the University of California, Riverside, and his M.Sci. and Ph.D. from Cornell University.

Why Green Chemistry?

I entered the professional world of Chemistry when there was no name for “Green Chemistry” – but a noticeable perspective was developing in the field that would allow the idea of Green practices to blossom. We were already aware of the more negative environmental aspects of the use of Chemistry – pollution, environmental impact, human impact – and there was a slowly growing focus on containment and prevention of hazards that was beginning to be the word of the day. Many of us younger (at the time) scientists were starting to be indoctrinated into a new sense of responsibility about how we practiced our profession. This was the beginning of an evolutionary process that lead to the very idea of Green Chemistry itself – and like others in my generation, I was already primed to accept it for the good idea it is, once it had been fully articulated. My response to the idea of Green Chemistry was not so much, “Wow, what a great new perspective!” as much as “Well, it’s about time!”

Dr. Sara Tabandeh

Senior Scientist

Dr. Sara Tabandeh joined WBI in July 2022, bringing a broad range of experience in materials design and formulation. Sara’s academic and industrial activities prior to joining WBI led to remarkable successes in controlling the structure and properties of polymeric materials with a focus on peptide and urethane-based systems. She received her Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Central Florida and her BS and MS in Polymer Engineering from the Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic). Sara is passionate about developing sustainable products and using science-based approaches to address environmental challenges.

Sam Ellman

Senior Scientist

Sam Ellman joined WBI in 2020, bringing with him a broad base of materials synthesis and characterization experience. Prior to joining, his primary focus was on the synthesis of novel biodegradable polymer poly(pro-drugs) for the continuous treatment of chronic diseases. Sam’s passion for environmentalism and green chemistry were what initially spurred him to become a chemist, so he greatly enjoys working on the cutting edge of green innovation at WBI.  Sam received his M.Eng. in Materials Science and his B.S. in Chemistry from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Chris Livesey

Senior Scientist

Chris Livesey joined WBI in 2021, bringing with him a wide range of experience from different parts of the chemical industry. Prior to joining WBI, Chris has had a proven track record of success in everything from product development and commercialization to synthesis and chemical characterization. Chris is driven by the thrill of innovation and is inspired by the urgent need for modern sustainable chemistry. Chris received his B. Sc. In Biochemistry from Rowan University.

Alex Hsu

Senior Scientist

Alex Hsu joined WBI in 2021, bringing with him interdisciplinary research experience in polymer chemistry, materials science, and biotechnology. Prior to joining WBI, Alex’s research focused on the synthesis and characterization of polymeric prodrug materials for central nervous system injuries. He is excited to be at the forefront in the development of sustainable technologies to help bring awareness and advance the field of green chemistry. Alex received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Biomedical Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University and his M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Brandon Ackley

Senior Scientist

Dr. Brandon Ackley joined WBI in early 2022Dr. Brandon Ackley joined WBI in early 2022Dr. Brandon Ackley joined WBI in early 2022 and brings broad experience in synthetic chemistry, specifically in catalysis and organometallic chemistry, as well as aerospace-relevant high-temperature materials. Brandon started his career as an intern at WBI in 2014, where he first learned about green chemistry and grew his passion for environmentalism and education. The internship at WBI sparked his interest into studying catalysis and materials which he studied both as a graduate student and during his time as a contractor with ARCTOS working at the Air Force Research Labs. Brandon is passionate about environmental issues and innovative chemistry and sees WBI as the best place to work to be involved with both. Brandon received his Ph.D. in Organometallic Chemistry from the University of Vermont and his B.S. in Chemistry from Bridgewater State University.

Cindy Yao

Scientific Intern

Cindy Yao, Scientific Intern, WBICindy Yao joined WBI in the summer of 2022 as an intern. She is currently a senior at the University of Massachusetts Lowell studying chemistry. Cindy’s love for chemistry and her desire to create a better world led her to WBI.