Technical Leadership

Dwight Tshudy

Director, Materials Science R&D


Dr. Dwight Tshudy joined the Warner Babcock Institute in 2013. Dr. Tshudy has a B.A. in Chemistry from Gordon College and a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. His areas of interest include analytical instrumentation, separations, mass spectrometry and of course green chemistry.

Dr. Tshudy has over 25 years of industrial and academic experience. Prior to joining WBI, he was teaching the next generation of chemists at Gordon College while helping to spread green chemistry across the curriculum. Before that he worked in the central analytical laboratory of Xerox Corporation where he collaborated with the research, development, production, and safety for a wide range of consumable products including toner and photoreceptors. A sabbatical as a visiting researcher at Carnegie Mellon University expanded his green chemistry knowledge. He has published in scientific journals and presented at national scientific meetings. He is a co-author on patents.

Why Green Chemistry?

I’ve have always had a passion for chemistry and sustainability. Ever since the time I was first introduced to green chemistry by a colleague while teaching, I have found it to be a perfect place to weave both together. I consider it a privilege in playing a part of the expansion of green chemistry.

Outside of the laboratory…

Outside of the lab, I enjoy traveling and learning about big and small and old and new while exploring wherever I may be.


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