Approximately thirty thousand science and engineering doctoral degrees are granted each year; however, very few of these new graduates (outside of the biological sciences) have taken a course in toxicology, fewer still have training in green chemistry or sustainable design principles. As a result these new graduates do not have the information they need to develop new chemicals, materials, and products that are environmentally benign.

If you are in a leadership position in your organization, educating your workforce for the green economy is a practical investment in your company’s future. With consumer demand growing in almost all sectors for more sustainable products, it has become a business imperative to have a workforce ready to implement the principles of sustainable design and green chemistry.

If you are a scientist or engineer, you add value to your organization by educating yourself on how to design more sustainable products. Our professional training courses are specifically designed for scientists and engineers who want to learn how to practically implement the principles of green chemistry in their companies and laboratories.

The Scientist- and Engineer-specific training is currently offered in two formats:

Industry-Specific Half Day Seminar

An introduction to the ideas and principles of Green Chemistry, and can be customized to a particular industry. An example of a recent series given for a pharmaceutical company is provided below:

  • Introduction to Green Chemistry: Historical Perspective
  • Introduction to Green Chemistry: The Twelve Principles
  • Green Chemistry: Pharmaceutical Industry Case Studies
  • Green Chemistry: Practical Application in the Laboratory

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2- to 3-Day Short Courses

In depth courses in topics pertinent to the implementation of green chemistry principles. At this time, the following five short courses available:

  • Introduction to Green Chemistry: The Twelve Principles
  • Sustainable Materials Design
  • Green Synthetic Design
  • Introduction to Toxicology
  • Mechanistic Toxicology

Customized Courses
We create specialized courses for individual companies: the courses are custom tailored in format and content and can be held on-site at the company’s headquarters or here at the Institute. Please contact us at for more information.